Thanks for visiting us. Many of our visitors and users ask us HOW WWW.C4C.PAGE WORKS? So we explain the steps for registration and how work for click exchange.

Sign In Process:

  • Sign Up – For using you must register yourself.
  • Account Activation: We don’t accept scammers, so you get activation link to your registered mail id. Please click the activation link for successful activation of your account. Note: Please check your inbox or Spam folder.
  • Resend of Activation Link: If you didn’t received the activation link don’t worry. Please click Login/Signup button you see RESEND option. Entre your registered mail id you get the activation link.
  • Forget/Reset Your Password: For forget or reset your password click Login/Signup button you see FORGET PASSWORD option. Entre your registered mail id you get forget password or reset link.

So this is the process for creating the account. Now we see how it works.

How works?

After successfully sign up please login you have to do some daily process. Once you login you have check MY TASK, WEBSITE: STATUS daily.


In this section you can find Daily Task, Acceptance Task, and Verification Task. We explain these task below.

  • Daily Task: In this section you get the other registered users website address. You have to open those website given to you and click the ads.
    • Username: Registered user name of the given website.
    • Location: From which country the account was created:
    • Website Name: Other registered users website address.
    • Ads Website address: Copy the clicked ads website address and paste it here. Some users registered their website for just Pages views. In this case type NO ADS SHOWING. But don’t forget to give page views.
    • Upload History: Here please take a screenshot your browser history and upload.

After all done please click submit. By submitting all the details goes to website owners Acceptance section. And also you can check your CLICK TRUST WORTHY % in WEBSITE: STATUS.

  • Acceptance Task: Here you get, if other registered users open your website and clicked the ads you get the notification here. I explain below
    • Username: Here you can see who open your website and click ads.
    • Location: User registered location.
    • Website Name: Here you get your own website name.
    • View: Here you can view the history.
    • Feedback: Here you can say whether you received ads click or not. If you click yes then you received a click. If you click No then you didn’t received ads click. By clicking No you get feedback and Browse option. Feedback is must. Browse is optional.

By submitting this acceptance section all clicked users Report Trust Worthy % will update. If you say yes Report Trust Worthy % increase. If you say No Report Trust Worthy % decrease. Decreasing Report Trust Worthy % leads to deactivation of their website. Note: Website owners who received a click still you say NO (Please refer Verification section) then it may leads to repeated clicks. You know what will happen after.

  • Verification: In this section all "No" from the Acceptance section will come here to ads clicked user. Again you have to open the website and clicked the ads and submit.

These are the process we have to follow.